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Sometimes you’ve just gotta turn it all off

This week has been pretty busy. Juggling the usual house chores, business bits, research, daily tasks etc, but also getting ready for launching this site and starting some exciting projects.

I also have family coming to stay all of next week. When you’re used to the apartment pretty much to yourself and your partner, that’s a long time with others. Don’t get me wrong, I love them to bits and am looking forward to having them here, but I’ve always used my home as my escape, you know? That “off” area. Where I can poke my stomach out, remove my make up, toss my hair up into something resembling a drunken birds nest, and just be, do, watch, read, or yap on about whatever I want. No judgement, no rules, just me, chilled out. You know what I mean?

Having people over for an extended period of time, I often find myself racing around trying to be this prim and proper perfect hostess, putting everyone’s needs before mine, and making sure mouths are fed, bodies are washed, they’re entertained, they have their space, they are content and they have “enough”. Enough. As long as they were satisfied, it didn’t matter how run down I was feeling, or that I was eating food I shouldn’t be, it made me feel like I had accomplished something. Anyone else get that? Once they leave of course I’d go back to my normal ways, and my home once again is my haven. Having kids I imagine would be like this – forever. That alone makes me very aware that I am not ready for kids, yet. 

Anyway, the point of this post is to remind you that sometimes you really do just have to turn it all off. Whether it’s at home/your room, at the gym/yoga, at a beauty salon, at the park, even in your office cubicle! Take 5, 10, 15 minutes of solitude to maintain your sanity. Just drop everything. Silence the phone, put your laptop to sleep or lock your computer, lock your door if you must.

Let’s do this together. 

Take a deep breath,

and another,

and another. 

Now, what are three things in life you are grateful for? Be specific. It can be as little as having pens that are working for once or someone you dislike is away from the office today, or your child went down for an easy nap. Something bigger? You are healthy today. You have an amazing (insert person) that loves you dearly and supports you.  Whatever it is, take a few moments to really think about each. Allow yourself that little smirk, that chuckle, or smile. Or that sigh of relief. 

It’s only been a few minutes. So for the next two, go outside (if you can i.e. no danger) and just breathe, and look around. Become a person of observation. You’ll start by noticing the usual – buildings, trees, signs, people, whatever it is that’s near you. Good start. Now look a little closer. Notice the shapes of the trees, how high the buildings are, how the gravel is not just grey but has lots of bits and pieces in it. That amongst the concrete jungle, tiny little sprouting plants somehow grow through the cracks. Isn’t that fascinating? How did that one little seed make it’s way to that spot right there? You might think I’m crazy by now, but if you actually went and did this, just for a few minutes, you’ll realise how truly calming it is to step outside of yourself, and be really in that exact moment. 

If you can’t get outside. Watch this video. Water has such a calming effect for me, and many others I know. Put your headphones on and watch the video without distraction.  


How do you feel? Hopefully calm and peaceful. A few minutes is sometimes all it takes to help bring back your sanity.  

After all, taking that moment for ourselves helps us to avoid these reactions to life’s little problems: 

Till next time,

L x

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