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33 Popular Christmas Gift Ideas (A Healthy Gift Guide)

Tis’ the Season to…wonder what to get your relatives for Christmas! If they’re healthy, a foodie, or love a little pampering, these 33 gift ideas are sure to go down a treat! (And priced to suit all budgets!)

1. Ethique 12 Days Of Christmas Calendar

Order this gorgeous advent calendar containing twelve carefully selected mini natural soaps by Ethique! Try their entire range crafted in a lab in New Zealand. Each bar is packed full of vegan, cruelty-free and sustainably sourced goodness! It’s a super cute way to introduce someone to these gorgeous soaps.


2. English Tea Shop Organic Tea Holiday Selection 

If their favourite time of day is where they get to sit still for 5 minutes and enjoy a cup of tea, this gorgeous holiday collection of organic tea by the English Tea Shop will be a welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday season.


3.The Beauty Chef Holiday Glow Gift Pack

Bad skin days be gone! These all natural beauty boosters by The Beauty Chef are loaded with nutrients to help boost radiance, improve skin tone, fight premature ageing, and give you a gorgeous holiday glow, naturally.


4. Fressko Onyx Drink Flask With Tea Insert

Always on the go? This stylish stainless steel flask by Fressko lets your loved one zip around town with their favourite tea, coffee, or iced beverage without fear of the dreaded stains that can come with caffeinating on the run!


5.Ivadore Natural Moisturising Self Tan Lotion

Can’t go without a golden glow? This is the tanning lotion I personally use and love. It’s enriched with moisturisers and glides on easy for an even application that gives you a completely naturally looking tan. Plus, and this is a huge plus, it does NOT stain the sheets. Ever. Go to sleep in white sheets, wake up with white sheets. Blows my mind every time. Score a sneaky 10% off with the code Larinar at checkout. You’re welcome! 🙂


6.Gluten Free Waffle Mix

Instagram is inundated with drool-worthy waffles but often the healthy recipes call for a whole mix of ingredients, and nobody wants to be rushing around to more stores than they really need to when the car parks are full and the elbows are out in the stores. Instead, order online and treat your loved one to homemade waffles in bed with this gluten-free packet mix that’s simply ‘mix and pour’. Yum!


7.Breville No-Mess Waffle Maker

What is a waffle mix without an awesome waffle maker?! Did you know you can make traditional waffles, potato waffles, and omelette waffles with this bad boy? Really the options are endless and it has this great little spill-proof lip to make clean up a breeze. So who’s making waffles?


8.Breville Oracle Touch Coffee Machine (aka The Ultimate, Effortless Coffee Machine)

What if, in your drowsy morning state, you could meander to the kitchen, press one button, and have a barista-style coffee in your hands before you can finish rubbing your eyes? It grinds the beans fresh, tampers it for you, and sets the perfect temperature and frothing level.

Have a particular way you like your coffee? No problem. Set up your own coffee order so it makes it for you the way you like it, every time.


9.Nordic Ware Mini Bundt Pan

If your loved ones like to bake or make raw desserts, a new baking pan is always welcomed! It’s like getting a new toy, only this time, you get the reap the rewards from them using it too! This pan makes gorgeous bundt cakes that can be decorated all kinds of ways.


10. Emille Henry Ruffled Pie Dish

Speaking of baking, this stunner of a pie dish can create a gorgeous display of any pie or dessert. Serve straight from the oven, it’s a dish that has an impressive ‘wow’ factor.


11. Inika Face In A Case

Cruelty-free, natural mineral make up that actually covers, smells lovely, and comes in a wide range of beautiful colours and quality products for all your beauty needs. It’s the perfect starter kit for healthier, cleaner make up (hello, glowing skin!).


12. Urban Originals Vegan Leather Travel Wallet

Love leather but hate animal cruelty? This travel wallet looks like real leather but is actually made from durable, ethical vegan leather. If your loved one is constantly dreaming of their next getaway, this is the perfect gift idea!


13. Urban Originals Vegan Leather Cross Body Bag

Made from vegan leather, this soft crossbody bag is perfect for your fashionista. Big enough for the essentials, stylish for everyday.



14. Wrappa Reusable Vegan Food Wraps

These vegan flexi-wraps are a great alternative to cling wrap! Simply mould over the container and store in the fridge for airtight food storage. They’re reusable, easy to clean, and don’t rely on beeswax like others. A great little stocking filler!


15. Bockers & Pony 2000 Hamper

If splurging out at Christmas time is your thing, I’ve found the perfect hamper. It’s called the 2000 hamper for a reason and contains an entire range of gourmet goods, fine spirits, wines, and much more for the ultimate indulgent festive season. Not the healthiest option, but it’s certainly a showstopper for the occasional “treat yourself” moments.


16. Bockers & Pony Cristina Re Do What You Love Gift Set

If the 2000 isn’t quite the right fit, this beautiful pamper pack, complete with a Cristina Re teacup, sets the mood for some serious relaxation. Spoil your loved one with a little TLC and maybe an IOU massage card to top it off.




17. Brosa Accent Chair

Take a seat fellas. We’re only halfway through this Christmas list.

Here’s one I prepared for you earlier. Well…You could have this cosy chair to sit on while you’re still waiting for your lady to get ready. I know, she likes to blame you for being late. But come on, cut her some slack. Nobody wants to be known as the woman that takes ages to look amazing. We woke up like this. At least if you have this accent chair, you’ll be cosy as while you watch those Facebook videos until she’s ready. She’ll never know the real reason you bought it…



18. Ettitude Bamboo Sheet Set

If you watch my Instagram stories a bit, you’ll know I tend to enjoy hanging out in my bedroom. A good part of this reason is because of these sheets. It’s a daily struggle to crawl out of this silken magical cocoon formed by these sheets. But I do it knowing that I get to fall back into them later that evening.

Seriously, if you have not tried the luxury that is bamboo sheets, especially if you live in Australia (they breathe!) then you are missing out. And not just in a little way, like a big big way. These sheets are heavenly and you will NEVER look back. I don’t even care if you’re buying these as one of those “look what I bought you” (but secretly you bought them for yourself) kind of presents, do it. It will be so worth it. And you can thank me later. I want DM’s or emails about how they changed your life.



19. Marley Spoon Recipe Delivery

Who actually enjoys grocery shopping? *raises hand* Ok, I guess I don’t count because I’m a Dietitian. But still. Life gets busy from time to time. Why not cut the cues and shopping cart wars (Seriously, why don’t they ever fix those trolleys with that one crazy wheel?), and enjoy your grocery shop, perfectly portioned with easy to follow recipes delivered directly to your door? The only thing missing in the box is a cleaner to clean up after you’re done cooking. But hey, we can’t always have everything, right?



20. Donna Hay Fresh & Light Magazine Subscription

Does your loved one dream of health food flat lays, style the magazines on the table as if they’re being photographed for Vogue, or spend hours in the tub browsing all their gorgeous recipe books? Then this one is a must. Healthy recipes in the signature Donna Hay styling that make your mouth water and your tummy happy.



21. Nourish Magazine Subscription

Perhaps they love to learn about nutrition, follow the latest health trends, and test out a few recipes in their spare time? Nourish is a solid all-rounder for those who are interested in holistic health and wellness, and offers some really delish recipes from a whole range of health influencers.



22. Enjo Sante’ Make-Up Remover And Exfoliator Set

Does your bathroom have make-up everywhere? Those little cotton pads and buds and wipes filling up your drawers and your bin? Say sayonara to all that mess and waste and hello to this cute pack of reusable makeup remover pads that are super soft, require only water for effective make-up removal, and can be tossed in the washing machine to clean. Easy breezy!



23. Samsonite Ivory Gold Spinner Travel Bag

Never second guess if it’s their bag or not with this stand-out, slimline, durable travel bag from Samsonite. Every Insta Influencer that travels seems to own one of these bags. Get one in Ivory Gold for an extra touch of class.


24. Parlux Advance Light Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

This hairdryer adds SOO much shine! Not the oil-slick-need-to-wash-my-hair-kind-of-shine but the Pantene ad kind of gloss. It helps tame the frizzies and leaves your hair feeling strong, soft and sleek. If it’s time for a hairdryer upgrade, this one comes highly recommended.


25. Jane Iredale Eyeshadow Palette

Vegan, cruelty-free, natural mineral eyeshadow in a killer everyday neutrals colour palette! This is a woman’s handbag essential for taking her look from day to night. So pretty!


26. DNA Elements Clay Face Masks

A cleansing, revitalising, energizing clay mask – just add water. These beauties are a great alternative to have in your beauty cabinet for a little skin pick me up. Simply mix with water to form a paste and smooth it onto clean skin. Hey presto, you’ve got a beauty mask with some impressive benefits!


27. Broth Of Life Dehydrated FODMAP Friendly Bone Broth

This is for all my Low FODMAP foodies! Bone broth on the go, thanks to dehydrated bone broth from Broth of Life. It’s literally slow-cooked bone broth, dehydrated. Nothing else added, no other odd bits and pieces. But this variety has two important things removed – onion and garlic. So it’s Low FODMAP. You can get chicken and non-low FODMAP varieties too. Take it to work for on-the-go broth to drink, or a quick soup in a mug with some added vege and leftover meats. Easy!


28. Golden Grind Tumeric Latte Blend

Are they obsessed with turmeric? Destroying any hopes of a house deposit thanks to turmeric lattes? Then save the cafe mark up with this ready to go turmeric latte blend! All the goodness, at the ready, whenever the need for an anti-inflammatory latte kicks in. Simply add their favourite hot milk. Imagine waking them up on Boxing Day morning with a Turmeric Latte in bed with their waffles? (See above). Mega brownie points!!


29. Little Wildling Co Tea Sampler Pack

Ok, I’m a little biased on this one, I’ll be honest. (FYI – I’m always honest with you guys). It’s not my company but I do know the lovely woman behind this brand of loose leaf tea and she’s a gem. If your loved one loves a great cup of tea made from only the finest ingredients (that you can actually see, and isn’t pulverised into a fine powder), then they’ll love you for finding this tea range. Give them a sample pack so they can discover their new favourite and then buy a big bag of it and love you forever*.

*I can’t guarantee the “forever love” part, but they’re bound to find a new fave!


30. Preston 16 Piece Gold Cutlery Set

What is up with different coloured cutlery? It’s so damn glam and I can’t get enough. Neither can anybody in the health and wellness industry that does food photography. Up your other half’s Insta-photo game with this gold cutlery set, while you get a kick out of eating like royalty.


31. Microfibre Dish Drying Mat

Nobody likes doing the dishes. Nobody. But sometimes when the dishwasher is full or you use a fancy dish, you need to wash up. What’s worse than washing up the dishes? Drying them. I used to flip a coin with my brother after dinner to determine who was washing up and who had the dreaded job of drying dishes. The WORST job. Luckily, these cute dish drying mats let you rest your dishes on them, soak up all the excess water and look cute on your bench too. Never dry your dishes again. Let nature and this microfibre dish drying mat do the work for you, and your loved one. “Dear X, You never have to dry dishes again. Merry Christmas. Me <3”


32. Enjoy The Little Things Mug

Enjoy the little things. Cute mug, cute saying, perfect for stockings, work Kris Kringles, or your mum. Enough said.



33. Brene Brown Braving The Wilderness

This book will give you serious good vibes. Even if you don’t read it and the person you give it to does. That stuff passes around.

This book is like the pep talk you can never properly give. The motivational speech you wish you could whip out when your loved one needs it the most. The deep ponderings about life your loved one wishes to have with you right as you’re about to fall asleep. It’s all in this book, and as long as you can stand a night light, being ignored while you watch TV, and eating breakfast in quiet, you can’t go wrong with this book. In fact, any of Brene Brown’s books. But if your loved one is into this kind of thing, be sure to check their book stash, because they’ve probably got the others already.



Happy Holidays!

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