Product Review: Mayver's Peanut and Coconut Nut Butter

I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to health food stores, markets, restaurants and even the health food isle at our usual supermarkets. Occasionally a product comes out where I don't care how much it costs, I HAVE to try it. 

Mayver's Peanut and Coconut Butter was said item today.  


What's in it:

Peanuts and coconut. Thats. It.  Woohoo!

Dear food manufacturers - take note of Mayver's simplicity. These guys do it right. 

Anyway. The nutrition..... 

Well, it's high in fat. Of course it is. It's nut butter. But it's the heart healthy, potentially breast and colon cancer preventative kind!  

Peanuts contain: Oleic acid, reservatrol, vitamin E, niacin, folate, protein, zinc, magnesium, iron and manganese to support your heart, nervous system, skin, wound healing and general health of your cells. 

As for the coconut - my tropical yet controversial love  - it contains a high level of medium chain triglycerides in the form of lauric acid, a type of saturated fat that some studies show does not negatively impact cholesterol ratios (good vs bad). Though human studies are yet to come to any conclusions about it's promoted benefits to our health. What we do know is that it can raise both good and bad cholesterol; has a high smoke point so it's stable at higher cooking temperatures; it's an easily digested energy source; and works well in cooking and raw food desserts as a butter substitute.

The spread 

It's 100% organic using only desiccated coconut and peanuts. No salt, sugar, added fats or chemicals. 

Did you know:  The flesh of coconut actually contains a stack of fibre?! Fibre slows digestion, helps control blood sugar levels and keeps your bowels happy. See, coconut has it's benefits.  

What about the flavour? 

Well, to be honest I was expecting (hoping) a massive hit of coconut - but not surprisingly, considering peanut is such a strong flavour, the coconut kind of gets dominated. It is still noticeable though.

I'm also a massive crunchy nut butter fan - so the smooth was a little boring. (Imagine coconut flakes through it! Mayver's please consider this!!)

But bias aside, it is really tasty.

Full of flavour, it's yet another great addition to your nut butter collection. Just go easy on the spoonfuls. It may be healthy for you, but like all nut products, it's got a calorie punch if you're not careful with your portions. 

Mmmm nut butter.  

I've also heard on the grapevine (and saw on their website) too that there's a whole bunch of other blends out there as well. Have you tried any? I haven't seen them in my local supermarket yet. 

One I am very keen to sample is the Hazelnut and Cacao! Seriously.....healthy, delicious, "nutella"? I need this in my kitchen. 


There's also a range of health blends too with nuts and seeds combined and even a pepita spread. Love it! 

To find out more, head here.  

Enjoy being you, 

L x