Giveaway: Day 10 - Stolen Recipe Iced Teas

I must admit, years ago I was a hugeeeeee iced tea fan. I'd effortlessly drink a large bottle of the stuff a day. That was until I awoke to the importance of eating and drinking natural, real foods for health. Most commercial iced tea mixes are a combination of water, sugar, tea extract, flavours and colours. Nothing nutritious. So my iced tea habit got kicked, and occasionally I'd spike my water with fresh lime, lemon, ginger, mint etc. This is an awesome way to pimp your water, but for me, it simply didn't match the enjoyment and flavour punch I got from iced tea.

Until I discovered Stolen Recipe.



Whilst I still don't drink iced tea every day. When I do, I either make my own or search for Stolen Recipe.

100% natural, real brewed loose leaf tea, fruit juice, natural flavour and NOTHING ELSE. Ice tea the way it should be, sweetened by nature with fruit juice – not sugar and real tea brewed – not tea extract. 100% Australian owned and made.

These refreshing ice teas come in a variety of flavours: 

Watermelon and Raspberry

Ginger and Star Anise

Lemon and Lime

Classic Peach

Berry and Pomegranate

You can buy them online at The Gourmet Grocer to deliver to your door anywhere in Australia or find them at The Gourmet Grocer in Balmain, Thomas Dux Grocery stores, Nashi, Vapiano's, Jus Burgers, Snag & Sons, Zum Cafe and Full A Beans Espresso. 

Enjoy them icy cold as is, or head over to their very cool website to find recipes for everything from cocktails to bircher muesli. How delicious does bircher muesli infused with ginger and star anise ice tea sound?!

Tempt your tastebuds without added sugar, artificial flavours and colours. Try a Stolen Recipe!  

I am so excited to be able to offer you four opportunities to win a mixed box of these delicious natural iced teas! Head over to my Facebook page today, you only have 24 hours to get your entry in! With the weather this hot already, you don't want to miss out!

Don't forget to like their Facebook as part of the competition. They're also on Instagram (@stolenrecipe) and Twitter so go check them out!

L x