Giveaway: Day 1 - Healthy Food Guide Subscription and Jamjahr Organic Coffee Scrub

Most of you that know me are aware that I used to work for Australian Healthy Food Guide Magazine. If you didn’t – well, now you do! 


Working there taught me so much as I got to contribute to so many aspects of the mag. It was behind the scenes where I truly discovered how dedicated the team is to bringing you sound, evidence based nutrition advice from qualified health professionals. Every article is backed up with full academic references and for tricky subjects, a panel of leading nutrition experts provides guidance and expertise.

The magazine aims to make it easier to eat well by providing you direction with product choice, how to’s, tips and tricks for you and your family to live a more sustainable, healthy life. There’s also advice and news updates for those of us with special dietary needs.


All of the yummy recipes have to meet strict guidelines (and follow Australian Health Eating Guidelines) to get into the magazine. They all include a nutrition analysis and cater to all kinds of diets. Plus they consider your budget – so eating healthy won’t you’re your budget!

When I was at uni, I discovered the magazine and found it to be a really great starting point for kickstarting your healthy eating patterns. So it was only fitting to offer you the chance to win a 6 month subscription to kick off my 12 days of giveaways!

Hop on over to my facebook page now to enter. You only have 5 hours left! When you’re done, be sure to head to They have a great website filled with recipes and resources such as a BMI calculator, exercise planner, and food diary, plus news updates and more!


L x