Giveaway: Day 6 - the muesli

Muesli went out the window for me when I was told I had fructose malabsorption and IBS. No dried fruit allowed.

I was so upset – I loveeeee dried fruit in so many things!!

Then I came across a company called the muesli. They’ve managed to make a pretty damn tasty muesli, that’s loaded with healthy fats, some protein and complex carbohydrates to set you up for a great start. They pride themselves on being 97% sugar free, and the mix is simply comprised of 5 Nuts, 4 Seeds, Oats & Coconut. The way a healthy meal should be – based on wholesome, natural, unprocessed food, that compliments each other and nourishes our bodies.

goriginalmuesli .jpg

Gluten free? Don’t worry, they’ve also got you covered! Still 50% nuts & seeds plus delicious coconut, they’ve omitted the oats and tossed in crunchy brown rice flakes & amaranth.  the muesli gluten free still maintains the naturally 97% sugar free benefit, with just 1.9g/100g – a whole lot less than your average boxed cereal!


It’s great as a topping for ice cream, parfaits, yoghurt, and smoothies and also creates a great base for muesli bars and muffins!

Lovely Emma from the muesli has donated a bag of each variety today for you to win. You know the drill – if you want to win, head on over to my Facebook to enter!

For more information including nutrition info, head to the muesli.

Enjoy being you,

L x