Giveaway: Day 8 - Luxury organic ettitude bamboo sheet and pillow cases

So far we've had magazines, organic juices, healthy protein powder, eco-friendly containers and gorgeous organic skin care. Hopefully by now you're learning my philosophy about health involves much more than just what we eat.

That's why today I am really excited to giveaway something really quite special. Too often we don't get a good night's sleep.

Whether we have too much going on, too much racing through our minds, a new baby, an injury, or simply just feeling uncomfortable - a chronic lack of sleep makes us function sub-optimally. We find it harder to lose weight, harder to resist temptation, get easily irritated and lack the energy to stay active. Not only that, but a lack of sleep ages us.

Your body needs adequate good quality sleep to function at its best. Sleep provides a chance for your body to rejuvenate, recuperate from the day, and undertake numerous functions in order to look after itself. There are many ways to have a better night sleep:

1. Dont take electronics into the bedroom - the LED lights mess up your circadian rhythm making you produce less melatonin - a compound that helps you sleep, as your body still thinks it's daylight.

2. Get a routine. Start a pre-bedtime habit e.g. switching off from technology at least 30mins before bed, have a cup of herbal tea, read a book, write your thoughts in a journal, do some light yoga or meditate.

3. Make sure the bedroom is cool and dark and your pillow is right for your neck and the way you sleep so you're not causing discomfort.

4. Spray some lavender, or a bedtime spray on the bed before you lay down as a mental trigger to tell yourself it's bedtime. The scents will help you relax and rest easy.

Now, back to the giveaway!


Uncomfortable, heat-trapping, itchy bed linen is definitely not going to make for a great night's sleep. ettitude understands this, and today, you have the chance to win a divine bamboo queen size fitted sheet and pillow case set! 100% organic, 100% biodegradable and contain no pesticides or chemicals.

Bamboo is breathable, suitable for sensitive skins and perfect for those who get overheated in regular sheets due to the bamboo's natural thermal regulation and wicking properties.

Luxuriously silky soft, you'll be sleeping in sheer indulgence when you win today's giveaway! Enter now


The bamboo sheets are:

300 thread count

Luxuriously silky soft (softer than silk, cotton and cashmere but not slippery)

Anti-static, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic (excellent for skin allergies)

Excellent wicking properties for super absorption (great for people with night sweats)

Thermal regulating (warm in winter and cool in summer)

Made from bamboo (a pesticide free, sustainable and renewable resource)

100% biodegradable

Oeko-Tex standard 100

Easy care - cool wash, line dry


For further information and to see the entire range of colours and bamboo items (they also have clothing, baby clothes, towels and more!)  take a look at ettitude's website

Enjoy being you, 

L x