Giveaway: Day 12 Finale - Slow Juicer!!

I love a good green smoothie. They retain the pulp and therefore the fibre, helping you to stay full longer. They’re great breakfast options. But when I’m feeling flat, or having a flare up of IBS, a big glass of fibre and simple sugars isn’t going to do me any favours no matter how nutritious the ingredients may be – hello bloating. That’s why I like to juice too. I never juice many fruits, as again its not good for an irritable tummy, but it’s also not great for anyone’s body to have such a rush of simple sugars hitting the blood stream. If you’ve made a fresh fruit juice before, you know you wouldn’t eat that much fruit in one sitting, so it’s not good for you to try drinking it! It’s excessive calories that are easy to go down and forget about – potentially contributing to weight gain and hindering your weight loss efforts.

So what to do?

Juice greens! Spinach. Kale. Lettuce. Celery. Cucumber. Chard.  Whatever you like! Add a piece of fruit to sweeten (green apple, orange, pineapple, berries, etc) or use stevia to go fruit free if you feel so inclined.

It is definitely an acquired taste, but hey so was coffee when you were trying to act all grown up, remember? The nutrition in green smoothies far outweighs the few goes it takes to adjust to the flavour and soon you’ll be craving them!

The one thing I struggled with when juicing was the actual juicer itself. The one I had wasn’t able to juice greens. So I upgraded. And boy what a difference!

I got a slow juicer.

“There are three common types of juicers: centrifugal, masticating and triturating juicers. 

A centrifugal juicer is the most commonly available type of juicer on the market and the cheapest to purchase. They pulverise fruits and vegetables using a shredder disc or sharp blades that spin at high speed against a metal strainer. This generates a force the separates the juice from the pulp, which then drains away separately from the fibrous remnants. Centrifugal juicers are considered high-speed juicers as they usually operate from around 3000 to 6000 RPM (rotations per minute). 

Additional note: Blenders are sometimes used for juicing, but they are not actually juicers. A juicer extracts juice from fruits and vegetables, therefore producing juice as well as pulp. A blender creates 'juice' from blending fruits and/or vegetables together, so the end product is actually not 'juice' but a fruit or vegetable smoothie-type drink that consists of the juice and the pulp or fibres together. 


Masticating and triturating juicers are considered slow juicer types, as they operate at less than 1000 RPM. 

A masticating juicer is also known as a cold press juicer. A cold press juicer usually operates via a masticating (chewing) method, or 'cold pressing' method that slowly squeezes out juice from fruits and vegetables. They operate at a low speed of about 40 to 1000 RPM. 

Traditional, centrifugal juicers operate at high speed. They use a shredder disc or spinning blade to pulverise fruits and vegetables against a metal strainer. This generates a force that separates the juice from the pulp. The disadvantage of this is that the high speed creates a lot of friction and heat, which in the end destroys a lot of the nutrients and enzymes from fruits and vegetables. The juice extracted from centrifugal juicers also separates and oxidises a lot faster. The taste of the juice is also lacking, and the pulp that comes out is a lot wetter. In the end, you get a lower yield of juice than what you would get from a slow juicer.”

The team at know their stuff. It’s what they do. That’s why when they had their opening sale, I jumped at the chance to grab my amazing juicer. Now I make green juices all the time, and even homemade nut milks! It’s so easy, delicious and nutritious – you really do get more juice out of it than regular juicers.

I am so excited to offer you the chance to win one of your very own slow juicers today.


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