De-stressing likely to prevent cancer spread

News update: De-stressing is important for a number of health reasons. Perhaps the most important one = preventing the spread of cancer. A new study has shown that stress appears to fuel the spread of cancer. It does this by triggering the activation of a gene that makes healthy cells commit suicide (usually a normal, healthy process to prevent harm to the body), allowing cancer cells to escape to other areas. 

How to de-stress? Here's 5 tips to help you start!

Picture from:!prettyPhoto

Picture from:!prettyPhoto

1. Walking around your office building or going outside for 10 minutes to get some fresh air helps clear your mind, get the blood flowing and boosts your vitamin D intake, which all helps to boost your mood and relax.  

2. Quit multi-tasking. It's actually more effective, and less stressful, to focus on one task at a time. Just try it.

3. Shorten your list. I'm guilty of this one. Loading up a daily to-do list with so much that if you can never actually finish it all in a day. The tasks roll over and you feel like overwhelmed by the next day already knowing your "behind". Well guess what? You're not behind. You're just overloading yourself. As much as you like to think you're superhuman, you're actually not. Choose 3 big key tasks for the day and do them well.  If you have time left over, chill out a little, write one more smaller task down and get it done too. Success! 

4. Make time for you. If your schedule is hectic, slot in an appointment with yourself. Read a book, exercise, catch up with friends and family, give yourself a facial or paint your nails. You time is essential. Book it in baby!

5. One big personal task I've been working on this year is mindfulness. I always used to get caught up in the what-if's, but how's, and should haves. I'd catastrophize things and end up being paralysed in my own overwhelm, struggling with procrastination and completing tasks. Nowadays, I'm really trying to focus on the present. A lovely friend of mine Debbie once told me 'it is what it is'. When I find myself getting a little overwhelmed and spiralling, I take a few deep breaths and tell myself 'It is what it is. I do, I can, I know, I will'. I stop listening to the thoughts about all the other tasks I have to do and focus on how my body is feeling right at that very second, then the bits and pieces around me at that time, and then back to the task - and only that task. It calms me, I work more productively and I blunt the spiral. 

Let me know if you try any of these tips and if they help!  

Enjoy being you, 

L x