Sadhana Kitchen High Tea, Sydney

What an experience!

Today I met with my friend Ali from Paleo Foodies over the most exquisite high tea I have ever had.

3 tiers of absolute gluten, dairy, refined sugar free, vegan, organic and completely raw whole food deliciousness!

As soon as they launched the high tea I knew I had to try it as I am always wanting to taste test everything in their display cabinet. If you're one for plate envy, or a serial sampler, then you have to try this.

The selection

We also had the pleasure of each item explained to us in detail by the owner and ridiculously talented, Maz. 

First up was the savoury...

Savoury raw food is divine

Cucumber sandwiches, eggplant pastrami, mini pizza with coconut 'bacon' (yes, thats a thing, and its awesome), and mini eggplant (and something) tarts. You may notice my inability to recall every food in detail as I was a little distracted by the awesomeness in front of me, and the excitement of devouring it. 

pizza with coconut bacon - yum
cucumber sandwiches - so good!

Then the middle tier...

Cakes galore!

the middle

Regular scones eat your heart out. This tier housed berry cheesecake, mango float, and the cutest 'scones' with berry and white chocolate cream. 

precious scone
photo 3-3.JPG

I never actually got around to eating the berry one as I was already getting really full and the next level had a whole other world of deliciousness that needed my attention!

the view from the top

Are you tired yet? 

We finally made it! This is the view from the top and it's glorious!

This had more berry cheesecake and mango float, chocolate raspberry tarts,  chai (and something green - I think it was spirulina?) macaroons, and what I was looking forward to the most - the 'better than tim-tams'! 

Truth be told, we took so damn long catching up with each other and enjoying the other tiers that by the time we got to the top, the cheesecake and tim-tams had become rather melty. Don't save them till last if that's what you are looking forward to the most! Still yum, but I do believe they would've been much better straight from the cool room! Nobody's fault but ours though. Mind you it was awfully warm today in Sydney and endless cups of tea (included, and also delicious) had our hands a little warm anyway. 

So there you have it. Yet another classic example of how eating healthy, nutrient-dense food can be really delicious, really fun, and visually appealing. 

Food intolerance and special diets no longer hold you back. 

Enjoy being you,

Larina xx

For more information about the high tea and Sadhana Kitchen, head to their website