Product Review: Eveva Wholefood Supplements

Matt Brown and Curtis Browning, co-founders of Eveva have come up with some really exciting new whole food supplements. 

No extracts, icky artificial sweeteners, or artificial anything.

Please note: They didn't pay me to write this and they have no idea what I'm about to write. (Spoiler alert: it's good!)

Here's the thing. I'm pretty against getting nutrients from anything but the natural package it comes in - food, unless really necessary. I do appreciate the need for a supplement every now and then with all the busyness going on in the world. However, I don't support the use for popping handfuls of pills, or copious amounts of supplemental drinks each day, unnecessarily, and without knowing what exactly you're taking it for, or what each ingredient does/is.

I also get pretty sad when people tell me they have no time for breakfast, or skip meals.  Breakfast is my fave! It also kickstarts your metabolism and yes, just like the corny ads say, it fuels your day.  It can also ward off unwanted cravings later on and helps to prevent overeating. So ultimately I'd rather you have something, than nothing at all.

Which leads me to Eveva. These guys have some pretty cool products. What caught my eye when I came across this brand was the fact that the ingredients are literally 100% real foods. Nothing else added. So I had to try, and of course, share my experience with you.

[UPDATE]: I spoke to Curtis to get some extra information for you all about the products!

How does all that goodness turn into a portable powder? They freeze dry it at low temperatures to retain as much of the nutrients as possible!

Are they organic? At the moment most of their produce is US certified organic and those that aren't come from sustainable farming practices.  Sounds good to me!


First up, I started my day with Food Fix - a meal replacement. This packet is a green juice on the go! I was curious to see if it could sustain me like my usual breakfast, and it pretty much did. I think the fact I was used to taking time to eat and chew my food made me feel like I'd 'missed out' on breakfast a bit, but it actually sustained me for a good 2-3 hours. I had a cup of green tea with it and a black coffee around an hour later as well. The chia thickened it up a little making it more enjoyable to drink in my opinion. It wasn't very sweet, but it wasn't grossly 'green' tasting either. I've had some pretty greeeeen drinks before, and this one is somewhere in-between the 'greens only' and the 'greens with an apple added' kind of sweetness.

What I was super impressed with, was the ability for one sachet to meet some pretty crucial nutrient requirements!

photo 2-5.JPG

This big ol' shaker of goodness contains:

  • 17g protein - hello satiation, muscle mass maintenance and proper bodily function
  • 18g fibre - almost 2/3rd's of your daily needs in one go? That'll keep your bowels moving!
  • 163mg calcium - that's more than you'll get in half a cup of milk! Dairy-free people rejoice!
  • 8mg iron - 44% of a grown woman's needs without a steak in sight! (Though it is less available for the body to absorb, it still counts to your total intake)
  • 2g of omega-3 fats - that's the equivalent of a 30g handful of walnuts and a massive 2222% of a woman's adequate intake (90mg/day for women, 160mg/day men).
  • And a probiotic blend containing B.Bifidum which studies show help relieve symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome!

And it's essentially all from food including chia, kale, spirulina, broccoli, cabbage, parsley, broccoli sprouts, etc. For the purists out there, they do use sprouted brown rice protein, yellow pea protein, stevia and natural vanilla flavour. I don't see much of an issue with these ingredients as they are typically very well tolerated in those with dietary issues, and offer a source of protein on the run. 

For more information on the ingredients, take a look here.


So meal replacements might not be your thing. Enter the Green Fix.

14 green goodies and that helpful probiotic blend again. This is definitely handy to have around as a supplement to your already amazing diet. This is not a free ticket to eat crap. 

So the package told me I could eat it straight from the pack! I got adventurous and tried it….


Coughed and spluttered a little, and I'm sure I inhaled some. Sooo, I wouldn't recommend that. 

Instead I mixed it with icy coconut water and it went down a treat! 

photo 1-5.JPG

Full list of ingredients for the Green Fix here.

Next up is the Fruit Fix.

In all honesty, tripling your RDI of vitamin C in one go, when you have a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables already means you're probably going to excrete most of it. However, if you aren't eating much fruit and vegetables at all - or perhaps your children aren't, and they refuse to eat fruit and veggies. This is a fun, tasty way to add some extra vitamin C into their day.


This one also said I could eat it from the packet. As it is made from fruits, I figured it would be sweet. So I forgot about the greens debacle and went for it. It was yum. Kind of like an already powdered up vitamin C tablet, but tastier. You could easily add this to your kids dessert or water and give them a nutrient boost. I love that it completely comes from fruit too. No chemical or synthetically made products that we aren't quite sure if the body can even process very well.

Overall, the supplement range is a great idea. The Food Fix taste is acceptable, and the greens and fruits are easily added to other foods, drinks, smoothies etc to help boost your overall nutrient intake when you're feeling a bit run down, or had let your healthy eating slide for a while.

For more information and to order online take a look at their site