Friday night in with Alison Sims from Paleo Foodies

Fate has a funny way of bringing people together. Last year I was at a charity event in Sydney and about 3 hours before attending, noticed a Facebook post from one of the pages I follow - Paleo Foodies. Alison mentioned she was going to this event so I commented I'd see her there. As soon as we met, we hit it off really well, and now she's a good foodie friend of mine! I featured on her brand new Youtube channel 'Paleo Foodies' making my Paleo Choc Raspberry Brownies (check it out here). We are also in the process of planning something really awesome  for Sydney too - watch this space!

mmmm paleo choc raspberry brownies

mmmm paleo choc raspberry brownies

Alison is a woman on a mission and her love of eating wholesome, natural and ethical food is something that really connects with me. Find out a little more about her below:


Share a little about yourself

I've always been a bit of a (day) dreamer. I have so many ideas and recently I embarked on a new business, leaving behind a 10 year career in Advertising and Marketing. I like to think creatively and my passion is food and nutrition. I love staying active, getting outdoors and traveling to new places. I live in Sydney with my golden retriever named Maia. 


How did your business come about?

It started as a humble food blog and I wrote about my experiences with paleo-based eating and dining. I've recently turned it into a full time job and my vision is to create a platform where people can find useful information and be inspired by how good healthy eating can be.


The most rewarding part of your job?

That I never have to work another day in my life! Well, that's the idea but we all know that every job has it's less glamorous side (for me that's just the business admin). I love inspiring others to take the reins and embark on a healthier lifestyle through eating good food and moving their body. I feel like I'm making a difference to people's lives, and that's what gets me out of bed every day.


What haven't you done yet that you wish you could?

I haven't written a book, and this is very high up on my bucket list. I feel like I have so much to share but getting it down on paper is the challenging and time consuming part. I would love to launch my first book by the end of the year.


Favourite place in the world?

I have a soft spot for Italy. I have fallen in love with the rustic Italian food found in tiny villages,    prepared with such passion for real ingredients and using recipes as old as the hills. Italy was where I made the decision to take on my business full time, before I even had a revenue model in place. The Italian countryside is a magical place rich in history, with some of the most wonderful food in the world, and some of the most welcoming and happy people I have ever met.


If you were a spice, which would you be?

Cinnamon. It compliments so many foods and has so many health properties such as lowering blood sugar levels. It's one of the easiest spices to integrate into your diet – I especially love it in smoothies but it's also great in savoury dishes.


5 things you can't live without

1. Coconut oil – I use it for so many things from cooking to skin rehydration!

2. My bike – gets me from A to B and a lovely way to commute around the city

3. My foam roller – a bit of a weird one but I'm addicted to foam rolling especially when my legs are feeling tight after a big gym workout or long run

4. Maca powder – it's my natural supplement of choice and I use it every day in my smoothies

5. Music – it moves me and I take it everywhere I go


If you could choose to eat anything in the world for your next meal, what would it be?

A slow cooked lamb shoulder, cooked with fresh herbs and spices over 12 hours or longer, served with beautiful steamed seasonal vegetables and sweet potato mash (with lashings of organic butter and cinnamon). It would be followed by a paleo-friendly dessert like sugar-free chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries.


What was for breakfast?

This morning I made a quick omelette with bacon, mushrooms and leek (what I had in the fridge). Omelettes are my go to when I need a quick meal on the run.


How would you classify your eating style?

My philosophy for eating is to eat the way nature and evolution intended, with plenty of variety and giving my body what it most needs. I follow a paleo style of eating, meaning I eat whole food ingredients and avoid anything processed. I like to know where my food comes from and how it has been produced. The principles of natural, ethical and sustainable food practices are really important to me. I eat all organic vegetables and fruits sourced locally, and I select meat that has been reared with the animals wellbeing at heart.


Your favourite way to stay active?

Running. I love to run and explore different areas. Running makes me feel alive and is a way of re-connecting to nature.


Your best advice for living a wholesome, healthy lifestyle?

Keep things simple. Don't overcomplicate things and be too concerned with calorie counting, scales, working out for reasons other than enjoyment etc. It's unrealistic to live your life this way. Enjoying a healthy lifestyle means enjoying what you do, enjoying what you eat and the way it makes you feel, and enjoying being active. If you don't enjoy these things, it's almost impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Where can women find you?

Visit my website 

Connect on Twitter @paleofoodies

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