Friday Night In with Sonya from Eco Tan

Today is ANZAC day.

I am truly grateful for all those who risked, lost, and continue to risk their lives in the armed forces to give us a better future.

For most of us in Australia though, it also means we are blessed with another long weekend. And a long weekend is not well spent if it didn't include some 'me' time!  Regardless of if you're going away or not, what better excuse than a long weekend to slough all the tired skin away and give yourself a gorgeous glow?

I am a big fan of fake tan. I am naturally quite pale, which there is nothing wrong with. I personally just find I look more healthy (and toned) when I have it on. So that makes me feel good. And there's no sin in doing what makes you feel good!

Quite often though, fake tans are a chemical overload. Filled with a whole range of things I've never heard of, and stinking up my bathroom with a bunch of smells and chemicals that make it difficult to breathe. 

Not Eco Tan.

Sonya, the gorgeous woman behind the organic Eco Tan range of self-tanners and spray tans (plus an ever expanding range of skin care products), made it her mission to create a beautiful tan without all the nasties and misleading ingredient claims. Eco Tan made Australian history by becoming the first and only tanning company to be certified organic by the Organic Food Chain, under the Australian Government's organic and biodynamic standards. All of Eco Tan's products are cruelty and toxin free, so you can tan knowing that tropical glow isn't doing any harm. In fact, the colour pigment comes from cocoa! 

I have used Eco Tan for many years. Despite the lovely natural colour, the ease of application, and the scent that is actually really nice and not overpowering at all, it's the fact that my skin never feels stripped bare of moisture. With many other tans I've used, I always felt my skin felt tight and dry, causing the tan to come off quicker, and requiring a whole lot more moisturising than usual.

The exfoliating glove also holds a special place in my heart. It's a microdermabrasion for your face (use gently), and like you just coated yourself in silk when you use it on your body. When you combine the two products, and then slather yourself in the Winter tan to moisturiser and top up your colour - it's a dynamite combination for gorgeous skin!

So why not extend your 'me' time a little longer? Read about Sonya and how Eco Tan came about, whilst letting your freshly silkened skin absorb a coat of gorgeous chocolate tan.

Happy Friday Night In!

Please share a little about yourself

I’m a single mum who gets all my joy from my amazing girls (yes I’m having mother guilt as a was a physco getting them ready for school this morning). I rescue old dogs and live in Currumbin. I’m a fiery, determined and compassionate soul who’s real drive is for lifting up the broken.


How did Eco Tan come about?

In 2010 when I had a sudden marriage breakup around the same time my sister was diagnosed with a melanoma I started using fake tan products and was horrified by what I found, despite all the fake and misleading claims. That was the moment EcoTan was born.


The most rewarding part of your job?

Hearing from our customers about how happy they are they’ve found EcoTan.  they share their stories with us and EcoTan, often sad, but I love connecting with them.


What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could?

Just this morning, I said to my friend I want to eat in every Italian restaurant in Melbourne before I die.


Favourite place in the world?

Australia/Currumbin/Byron Bay


If you were a spice, which would you be?

Turmeric because it’s a gorgeous rich colour and brings intense flavor and fire.


5 things you can’t live without?

Besides the obvious of my health, family and friends. I cant live without my organic leaf tea, coconut water, candles, flowers and laughter


If you could choose to eat anything in the world for your next meal, what would it be?

Steamed barramundi in ginger and turmeric on a bed of organic rain infused wild rice with Asian greens and the biggest piece of baked pumpkin with a dash of organic cinnamon


What was for breakfast?

Fresh vegetable juice – hate eating breakfast


How would you classify your eating style?

Diverse -  like my life (organic when possible). Because of my running I crave carbs, so I’m constantly in a battle against sugar and caffeine. 90% plant based diet as my daughter says “We try to eat nothing that had a mother”


Your favourite way to stay active?

For my sanity and fitness I am in a community running group called RK POD we meet three times a week and I’ve just signed up for my second half marathon


What is your number one tip for the perfect tan?

Always only use certified organic products – it only takes 26 seconds for any product put of the skin to absorb into the blood stream


Your best advice for looking after your skin?

Use coconut oil with our Extreme Exfoliant in the shower for face and body. This is not a sales pitch – this is the BEST body and face treatment you will ever have


How can readers find you/your products?

Find us at