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Fruit That Tastes Like Chocolate

Imagine chocolate pudding, ready made, just hanging from a tree.

That’s the Black Sapote fruit.


What is it: 

It comes from the persimmon family and originates from Central America and Mexico.


Top 10 Food Trends For 2014

According to Sterling-Rice Group’s research, 2014 is the year of high impact, low-calorie foods. Here are their top 10 food trends 2014. If you follow my blogs and social media, I bet you’re already trendy, you hipster you.



I just read an article that discusses McDonalds’ plans to launch an app in America. An app to make ordering ‘food’ so easy, all you need to do it place your order through the app then you simply ‘pick up [the] food in stores, curbside or at drive-thru windows’. Not much different to how we already do things. However, Burger King goes a step further, and kindly delivers it straight to your door. Pizza, Thai, Chinese, pies, burgers and fries are so conveniently at your fingertips, cooking a healthy meal after a long day seems so much more unappealing.

A sign of the times

Low fat, high-fat, low-carb, high-carb, and high-protein all had their day, and avid followers are still around. We’ve been teetering and tottering with macronutrients for decades and still for the most part, reach the same frustrated conclusion from studies and health professionals – everything in moderation. Whilst this is a nice succinct way to sum up a healthy eating guide. It leaves us a little lost as to “what to do now?”. We like guides, a check list, and a sense of accomplishment. A pat on the back, a looser fitting skinny jean and a personal best in the gym. Who doesn’t enjoy being complimented for eating healthy, sticking to a ‘diet’ and getting results (albeit usually short-lived)?



Dairy, dairy, quite contrary – how do you build your bones?

It’s drilled into us from the day we start eating solids that milk and other dairy products are the best sources of calcium. It’s true. Knock back a 250ml glass of milk and you’ve already got around 300mg of calcium. That’s 30% of an average adult’s recommended dietary intake (RDI). Eating dairy makes it very easy for us to get our calcium needs, it’s also a source of protein, zinc and B12 among others.