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Friday Night In With Colly From Soma Organics

Friday Night In With Colly From Soma Organics


Not many people can say they got given access backstage to The Oscars. Colly can, and she was everywhere……in the shape of 3 raw, vegan, delectable snacks sitting snug in a cute little tube called Soma Bites. I was stoked to see these little babies in Woolies! Then Colly comes along to say they’re headed into the mouths of Hollywood stars? Talk about jumping from strength to strength. Soma Bites are taking over the world, one healthy, delicious morsel at a time! And I am so thrilled for them!


What is it?

Most commonly when it comes to food grade varieties, it’s either bamboo or coconut fibre in origin. Charcoal is created by heating wood to high temperatures in the absence of oxygen. This forms carbon. Charcoal is often interchanged with the name of carbon, as its the same thing. The charcoal is ‘activated’ by treating it with oxygen so that it develops a larger surface area, increasing its ability to trap toxins and other compounds via ‘binding sites’ on its surface.

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Friday Night In With Troy And Drew From Nexba Beverage Co
Drew and Troy
Drew and Troy

Have you seen the vibrant, environmentally sustainable packaging of Nexba ice tea in 7-Eleven, IGA, Caltex, or Harris Farm stores? Or perhaps on a Virgin flight?

Impressed by their drive and ambition to launch an Aussie natural iced tea range, I decided to get them on board for this week’s Friday Night In and take a look at their range. 

The drinks come in a variety of flavours and are sweetened with a mixture of cane sugar and stevia. Now usually I wouldn’t recommend products with cane sugar, but as some iced teas are sweetened with fruit juices, I wanted to show you that it’s a more natural iced tea alternative for those with fructose malabsorption or IBS. Plus each can contains up to 50% less sugar than regular commercial sugar-containing drinks. Not a bad alternative. 

So snuggle up and get inspired with the guys behind Nexba!

Happy Friday Night In x

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