Hope and I

Hope and I


2015 changed my life.....

I moved to Queensland, started a new job, took up Judo, and dyed my hair blonde, but most significantly, my partner and I adopted a rescue puppy.

Hope when we first met...

Hope when we first met...

Her name is Hope, and after finally discovering first-hand the heart-melting joy a dog can bring, I knew I had to help others find their companion too, and do so in a way that ends unnecessary suffering.

So we became fosters for a wonderful not-for-profit group called Fix-The-Nation.

Here's their story and how they can help you find your forever companion below...

Fix-The-Nation Desexing and Rehoming Program

It all came about from a desire to see less pet euthanasia in Australia.

The beautiful team at Fix-The-Nation focus on reducing the number of needless companion animal deaths by stopping the cycle of accidental litters. They educate about the importance and advantages of desexing, promotion of responsible companion animal care and offer a service to ethically re-home unwanted litters and organise for desexing of the parent/s.

They offer a number of placements into the program in various regions across Australia to companion animals that have recently had a litter. The balance of funds from the adoption fees then open applications for low-income persons to have their pets desexed for free.

Looking for a puppy or companion animal?

See what cutie's they have available here: Pet Rescue

Keep informed on the Fix The Nation Facebook Page

Have a litter needing their forever homes? Or simply want to ask a question...

Get in touch via email:  


the Puppies I've Fostered: