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Friday Night In With Troy And Drew From Nexba Beverage Co

Friday Night In With Troy And Drew From Nexba Beverage Co

Drew and Troy
Drew and Troy

Have you seen the vibrant, environmentally sustainable packaging of Nexba ice tea in 7-Eleven, IGA, Caltex, or Harris Farm stores? Or perhaps on a Virgin flight?

Impressed by their drive and ambition to launch an Aussie natural iced tea range, I decided to get them on board for this week’s Friday Night In and take a look at their range. 

The drinks come in a variety of flavours and are sweetened with a mixture of cane sugar and stevia. Now usually I wouldn’t recommend products with cane sugar, but as some iced teas are sweetened with fruit juices, I wanted to show you that it’s a more natural iced tea alternative for those with fructose malabsorption or IBS. Plus each can contains up to 50% less sugar than regular commercial sugar-containing drinks. Not a bad alternative. 

So snuggle up and get inspired with the guys behind Nexba!

Happy Friday Night In x

How did your business come about?

Nexba’s story started in 2010, when Drew Bilbe was studying in Mexico. Sitting on Rio Nexpa beach sipping a natural ice tea he realised Australia needed some healthier options. When he got back to Sydney he met with me (Troy) and together we hatched the plan to launch Nexba.


We say we were officially born in April 2012 when 7-Eleven signed on to stock Nexba. Now, our products are available in over 3000 outlets and in-flight with Virgin Australia. It’s been a pretty insane journey and we’ve got big plans in store for later this year!


What’s the story behind the name ‘Nexba’?

‘Nexba’ comes from Rio Nexpa, the Mexican beach Drew was sitting on when he was inspired to start an ice tea company. Now it means so much more to us- young, fresh, healthy and innovative.


The most rewarding part of your job?

Knowing that you’re creating something bigger than you. We are passionate about health and engaging young Australian to lead a better lifestyle so it’s really rewarding to realize that Nexba as a brand has the power motivate people.


What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could?

A few months ago we would have said we wished Nexba could be a brand beyond ice tea. We’re really excited to announce that we’re launching a new product in July called Brewnette. It’s a natural cola infused with green coffee extract, an antioxidant-rich ingredient that’s lightly caffeinated. It’s low sugar and only 99 calories per can.


Brewnette will mark our company’s first product outside of our Real Ice Tea range which is really exciting for us! As for our next challenge? We’re working hard at the moment to develop new and innovative products. Stay tuned!


Favourite place in the world?

Drew: Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Amazing Surf, incredible food and friendly locals. 

Troy: Franklin’s Island (part of the San Blass Islands) in South America. It’s a completely remote, untouched island which you literally share with one local family. They blow a seashell to tell you it’s mealtime!


If you were a spice, which would you be?

Drew: Paprika – Brings out the best in every meal!

Troy: Chilli. Life is better with a bit of spice!


5 things you can’t live without?

Drew: My wife Jess, our new baby Miranda, my laptop (it’s my office), a fridge full of Nexba (perks of the job) and exercise gear.

Troy: My morning long black, my niece Miranda, the beach, my doona and a box set of The Good Wife.


If you could choose to eat anything in the world for your next meal, what would it be?

Drew:  A freshly prepared Quesadilla is a great meal on the go

Troy: Lomo Saltado, a local Peruvian dish which brings back memories of backpacking through South America.


What was for breakfast?

Drew: Diced fruit with granola and greek yogurt

Troy: A big breakfast from The Sand Bar in Dee Why- poached eggs, soy and linseed bread, tomatoes and a side of hollandaise.


How would you classify your eating style?

Drew: Health conscious, but certainly a sucker for the weekend indulgence.

Troy: My mother never let me leave the table without finishing my meal. Bad habit to have when I am constantly on the go. I may have been caught licking a plate at a restaurant.


Your favourite way to stay active?

We both try to stay active but with a new baby and constant travel commitments it’s hard to find time. Between us, we’re into surfing, jogging, paddle boarding and ocean swims. Our office is in Manly so it’s perfect for outdoor exercise.


What is your go to meal when you’re busy?

Drew: Chicken Basil Pesto Pasta. Incredibly tasty, healthy and easy to whip up at home after a long day in the office.

Troy: I’m a speedy salads man. My secret is finely cutting up all the goodies. That way you don’t need dressing, just a squeeze of lemon. I’ll usually accompany it with a good piece of meat or chicken breast filled with shallots and cheese with a tomato base.


Favourite Nexba flavour?

Drew: Our newest flavour Brewnette is hard to beat

Troy: Wild Watermelon- it’s the original Nexba Real Ice Tea flavour so it’s a favourite.


Your best advice for living a wholesome, healthy lifestyle?

We live by the motto ‘live well, love life, leave legacy’. It’s at the core of everything we do both personally and as a business.


How can readers find you?

We love meeting and getting to know Nexba fans via our social media accounts. Find us on Facebook @NexbaIceTea or on Instagram as @Nexba.