My Health and Wellness Diary App

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The ultimate app for you to prepare for your next health professional appointment!

Have you ever struggled with remembering what you ate yesterday, let alone 7 days ago? Get a little anxious when seeing your doctor? Or simply just felt really lousy and didn't have the brain power to remember everything you ate, did, took, and felt? This app is for you!


A simple weekly diary where you enter in the food, medication, physical activity and any symptoms i.e. headaches, bloating, that you have each day. No more searching for the exact food you ate, or entering 10 items for a salad, or guessing whats in your burger. You type in the exact ingredients and foods you ate, along with the brand if necessary and save it to the database. If it's a complicated dish, or something you think your health professional wouldn't be familiar with, then you can also take a picture of it! 


  • No more last minute cramming and straining to remember all of the information you were meant to record for your consultation
  • Easily and conveniently record as little or as much as your health professional requested
  • It's on your phone! Take your diary with you at all times, without bringing along extra baggage
  • It's simple and easy to navigate so you wont get lost in lots of buttons and pages
  • It's absolutely FREE to download!  


  • Food Intake - Record your exact meals, brands if needed, the time you ate it, and even take a picture of it for your reference.

  • Symptoms - Multiple whole body symptoms can be selected in the food intake section also. If you're feeling tired, see a rash appear, or racing to the toilet, you can record this so that your health professional can see if its linked to the foods you have been eating.

  • Physical Activity - Record the exercise you did, the length of time you did it for, and the time of day you got that heart rate pumping.

  • Medications - Add in your medications/supplements and doses you take each day.

  • Notes - There is also a space where you can add in any comments you'd like to share with your health professional, or that they've asked you to note. 

  • Email - In a simple click of a button, you can instantly email all of this information to your health professional prior to your consultation! They will have more time to analyse it, giving you a more worthwhile consultation! No more handing over scrunched pieces of paper and wasting precious time having to translate the writing! 

Saves you time, hassle and brain strain, so you can enjoy being you.

L x