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The Fruit We Went Crazy For This Summer


When you think of pineapple, what comes to mind…..?




Or, maybe you think more like me on this one….

Green smoothie!
Green smoothie!


What we can all agree on is that this particular fruit dominated this Summer!

One of my all time favourites, the pineapple, popped up all over the place!

Delicious and nutritious, pineapple:

  • contains bromelain – a substance that helps the body break down protein supporting digestion; may support cancer therapies for certain types of cancer, and may help reduce lung inflammation related to asthma
  • contains vitamin C to protect cells from free radical damage helping to reduce the risk of chronic disease such as heart disease.
  • is an excellent source of manganese required for proper enzymatic function in our energy-producing mitochondria. Essentially, creating enzymes to remove free radicals to minimise damage to our cells.
  • is a source of thiamin (B1) required for energy production
  • contains only 82 calories per cup

Sweet, juicy flesh, pungent sweet smell, and memories of fun summer times aside, these are the reasons I love to eat pineapple.

But pineapples took off from our plates this season. It became hip to be a pineapple.

Healthy foodies, and clean eating farmer’s market lovers were buying them up left, right and centre.

Some showed their passion for the pineapple by wearing the print.

Or walking in it.

These are kinda hot.
These are kinda hot.


Or in a more delicate way….. pineapple jewellery (I wanted in on this trend!)

Some not so delicate….

Others couldn’t get enough of it, filling their houses with replicas of the tropical fruit

I want that pillow!
I want that pillow!


And of course, the photogenic little fruit took over Instagram! Pineapples were the new accessory for all Instagrammer babes.

Even Rihanna got in on the trend!

Annnnddddd this lady.

Whilst the cute prints, stilettos, jewellery and homewares are really fun, the only way I daydream of pineapple is this:

Edible form!