Food Elimination Diet Diary Tracker Kit



Are you completely at your wit’s end with uncomfortable bloating, tiredness, constipation or diarrhoea?

Have you tried a few diets, went gluten-free, cut out dairy for a while, and despite all that, are still suffering from horrible digestive symptoms?

Then it’s time you tracked your diet and your lifestyle so you and your health professional can finally figure out what’s going on!

Before diving into any restrictive diet, it’s important to have an overview of what your current diet and lifestyle looks like. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of choosing which elimination diet may work best for your needs, saving you tonnes of time, money, effort and confusion!

So how does the Food Elimination Diet Diary Kit Work?

Symptoms such as constipation, headaches, heartburn, fatigue, bloating, or difficulty swallowing may be related to a food intolerance. Sometimes symptoms occur immediately, but for food intolerances, the majority of symptoms can take hours if not days to show up! This causes a tonne of confusion and can result in unnecessary foods being eliminated from your diet.

Our gut is influenced by our stress levels, hydration levels, the amount of physical activity we do and how much sleep we get so it’s important to take note of these things over time to spot trends. Essentially, the Food Elimination Diet Diary Kit allows you to keep track of what matters most so that you can get answers quicker, with less hassle and without wasting your money on products, tests and diet regimes that simply don’t work, and don’t fix your problems!

The Specs

Each downloadable kit contains:

  • A Food & Symptom Tracker (Day to a page)
  • A Food & Symptom Tracker (Week to a page)
  • A Mood & Movement Tracker
  • A Bowel Movement Tracker
  • A Daily Planner
  • A Reintroduction Tracker

How to use the Food Elimination Diet Diary Kit

First, it’s important to find a Dietitian well-versed in food intolerances and digestive issues who is able to guide you through your results.

Food & Symptom Tracker

Using the Food & Symptom tracker sheet, track your daily food habits and if you experience any symptoms at all during that day.

For example, one day you might track your main meals and snacks, including drinks, and that afternoon you may have had a headache. You list all the foods you ate and when, as well as the headache, and at what time it occurred. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the food or drink you had at the same time was the cause – but it’s important to track the time it occurred so you can look for trends with your health professional.

Do this for a minimum of one week, however, 2-3 weeks is preferred due to the ever-changing nature of work stressors, events and schedules.

Mood & Movement Tracker

The Mood & Movement Tracker is a key component of assessing whether or not your lifestyle habits are contributing to your digestive troubles and vice versa!

Bowel Movement Tracker

This one is rather straightforward, you simply need to track what happens when you go to the toilet each day to keep an eye on any abnormalities. Despite it being quite taboo, what you see in the loo can tell a story or two!

Daily Planner

The Daily Planner is simply for those who like to keep their day’s as organised as possible. It has plenty of space for appointments, your meal plan, a to-do list, a focus goal, notes and reminders, healthy habit tracking, and a full schedule so you can stick to your elimination diet or suggested dietary and lifestyle changes with ease!

Reintroduction Tracker

This tracker is what you need when you’re doing your food challenges and reintroducing certain foods back into your diet. This part is crucial (!!) for the success of the entire elimination diet process.

Food challenges — where you take out a food out and then add back in to see if it causes symptoms—are considered the “gold standard” for diagnosing intolerances. Blood and skin testing can often give false or confusing results, and many tests have absolutely no reliability or research behind them to say they even work!

That’s why the most definitive way to test food intolerances (not allergies!) is via a food challenge. It allows you to see if you react to particular foods or ingredients and allows you to test your tolerance levels too. So even if you react to larger portions of one food, you may be able to tolerate smaller amounts less frequently – giving you more variety and nutrition long term!

So discover what’s causing you digestive troubles once and for all with the help of this convenient Food Elimination Diet Diary Tracker Kit!


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