Know What You’re Missing – Diet Analysis


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Ever wanted to know what nutrients your diet is lacking?

Curious about how to improve your diet, without drastic changes?

Avoid wasting time in waiting rooms and money for parking tickets.

Your diet will be analysed by a Wholefood Dietitian from the comfort of your own home!

You’ll receive a full dietary analysis including:

  • Whether or not you’re eating enough calories for your daily needs and/or goals
  • A macronutrient breakdown of your diet – find out how much protein, fat and carbohydrates you’re really eating
  • Whether or not you’re meeting the Recommended Dietary Intakes of key nutrients
  • Whether or not you’re meeting the Estimated Average Requirements for key nutrients
  • Suggested foods and potential supplements where required

Simply fill out the questionnaire to receive your results via email within 7 days!


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