Enjoy being you™

My Health Principles

I created The body Dietetics to help you:

  • Nourish your body the way it uniquely deserves by making sense of nutrition and what’s going on in your gut,
  • Save you money by offering honest product reviews and expert myth-busting,
  • Boost your wellbeing and everyday vibrancy with simple, practical tips to manage symptoms of food intolerances and get the maximum benefits from what you eat,
  • Create delicious, healthy recipes rich in nourishing real foods, free from any gluten, dairy and refined ingredients,
  • And discover the best health and wellness products to compliment your goals, to inspire you to live the good life, and enjoy being you!

Below are my core health principles. I wholeheartedly believe they’re the nutritional foundation of good health. But don’t get it twisted. I’m not perfect. I slip up with my diet from time to time. I sometimes can’t say no to a cheesy gluten free pizza or a little too much chocolate. I’m human, just like you and doing the best I can.

I’m also not a food snob. I know what it’s like to be busy, on a budget, and wanting to be healthy without the fuss. You won’t find too many out-there “superfoods” or difficult to find ingredients in my recipes. If I do go to the effort of sharing one of these rare foods with you, know that it has science-backed benefits that make it worth adding to your diet.

Overall, The Body Dietetics is a place where honesty is integral, quality is expected, and reality isn’t ignored but embraced and appreciated. Now let’s go kick some goals!